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Best Moments from American Horror Story Season 2

Best Moments from American Horror Story Season 2

Best Moments from American Horror Story Season 2

American Horror Story season 2 tosses you into the legendary horrors of the asylum and locks you up for 13 full episodes. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be housed with maniacs, criminals and evil doctors and nurses, explore these extraordinary moments with Lana, Dr. Thredson, Kit and the rest of the American Horror Story Asylum cast as you hold onto your own sanity.

The “Patients” in the Woods

Simply walking the grounds at night can lead you to a horrifying find in the Asylum world. The “honorable” Dr. Arden constantly looks for horror-style treatments that will help his patients. As experiments that have gone bad, the Raspers are now a clan of deformed ex-patients who live off of the land. The heroes of the American Horror Story season 2 cast cannot escape the asylum or else they’ll be torn limb from limb by these no-longer-human creations.

Santa Who Goes Bad

American Horror Story Season 2 includes a Santa Claus figure who’s lost his mind. Thoughts of rape, murder and madness fuel his rampage as he kills almost 20 people. A crucifixion is also part of his ploy, providing a further horrific gloss on his Christmas-themed murders. The American Horror Story Asylum cast must fight him off before they lose every key player, including Sister Jude, played by Jessica Lange.

Curing Lana

It’s difficult to remain on the sidelines as an American Horror Story Asylum cast member, but Lana tries her hardest as the well-meaning journalist sent to uncover the institution’s secrets. She’s engulfed by the evil within, and Lana is eventually treated for her “sick lesbianism.” Through controlled electrocutions and pure torture, Lana slowly loses control in a world where everyone is trying to find salvation. You’ll end up feeling for Lana as she struggles to hold onto her soul.

Dr. Thredson’s Darkest Secret

Zachary Quinto brings life to a new character, Dr. Thredson, in the American Horror Story season 2 cast. He returns for the second season after his turn as Chad Warwick in American Horror Story Murders House. Dr. Thredson, however, is a deeply disturbed man as he tries to pin his own murders on sweet Kit, played by Evan Peters. That’s before he enjoys some necrophilia with Lana’s ex-girlfriend. Nothing is off limits as Thredson carries on with a corpse as Lana watches with incredible pain. Carefully weaved horrors continue to the very end with Thredson and Lana’s final stand.

The Schoolyard Discovery

A startling moment of psychological horror that further illustrates the malevolence within comes with the introduction of an unusual patient named Shelley on American Horror Story season 2. Dr. Arden ends up amputating most of her limbs and tosses her out as garbage. She’s a tough girl because she pulls herself out of that sick world and finds herself scrambling for help in a local schoolyard. The children back away, repelled and seeing Shelley is a grotesque version of her former self.

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